We put smiles on the faces of families with children and young adults with additional needs.

We are Absolutely Leisure a Registered Charity formed in 2009 operating leisure venues across the South of England. Through our charitable work we have provided use of our facilities to local community groups and Charities enabling them to fulfill their objectives or raise funds for their causes, as a result of this work Absolutely Leisure has helped over 100,000 people.

In 2017 we made the decision to further our charitable works, by developing our own schemes to help one of the most vulnerable and socially isolated groups in our society. With that in mind we started the Absolutely Together.

Absolutely Together aims to put smiles on the faces of  families who have children or young adults with additional needs. These families often experience emotional and practical pressures which restrict the opportunities available to them. This can lead to social isolation, mental health problems and an inability to get their children active. Many of these families also suffer significant financial difficulties which further restricts their ability to access leisure activities in the community. All family leisure time should be something that is cherished, but for many, it can be an incredibly stressful time.

Absolutely Together helps these families by providing free access to exciting activities in the communities we work in. Helping put smiles on faces and create memories that will last a lifetime.



100% of your donation goes to the activity provided. We don't use any donations to fund overheads or administration costs.


Absolutely Together

100% of the families surveyed feel leisure activities are important to their family

91% of the families surveyed feel that their access to leisure activities is restricted as a result of their child having an additional need

97% of the families surveyed felt that the 1,000 smiles programme improved their families access to Leisure facilities

100% of the families that have used our service said we have put a smile on their face

Our Survey Results





Absolutely Together want to put smiles on the faces of families with children and young adults with additional needs

We are providing 1,000 free leisure activities for local families in our communities, including cinema tickets, theatre tickets, go-karting, bowling, theme parks, and more


Every Sunday at all of our Absolutely Leisure Venues we reserve free spaces and events exclusively for families with children and young adults with additional needs

This includes reserving bowling lanes, offering free keep-fit classes, and much more


By using our dual seater karts, we can we provide children and young adults with additional needs a unique and exciting opportunity to experience the thrill of driving for themselves

Our karts allow drivers as much or as little control as they are able to manage, meaning all users get a smile on their face


 “It was a really special experience to share together”

 “This gives me the confidence to try more things with the family”

Parent Feedback



Absolutely Leisure, as the operating arm of Absolutely Together, provides a range of affordable activities at our state-of-the-art venues. By operating these facilities, Absolutely Leisure can pay for all staff and support costs, meaning 100% of money raised through Absolutely Together can go directly to the projects!

Absolutely Fitness


Absolutely Fitness is a group of iconic gym and fitness centres based in the south of England. Our low cost gyms are designed to make fitness an enjoyable and comfortable prospect - long gone are the days where you dread going to the gym!

 “ What a special family day out, you have put a smile on all our faces”

 “ Its really hard for me to take the boys out, thank you so much for this”

Parent feedback



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